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Beth Brokamp shows fellow athletes how it's done

SOMO athlete Beth Brokamp is one of the biggest Mizzou fans in the state. When she talks, Mizzou Director of Athletics Mike Alden listens.

Beth Brokamp (center), with her parents, Ken and Linda, celebrate her many awards and honors.

SOMO athlete’s gift to Training for Life Campus campaign shows deep appreciation

Around Special Olympics, stereotypes are shattered every day. Around Beth Brokamp, they just make a little bit more noise when they break.

Beth Brokamp is a Special Olympics Missouri athlete that has overcome odds from day one. As a child, she wasn’t supposed to walk or talk, and last year she marched into the U.S. Capitol as a SOMO Global Messenger to lobby for Special Olympics. She’s grown to become a productive member of her community despite odds against her.

So Beth’s mother, Linda Brokamp, shouldn’t have been surprised when Beth declared her support for SOMO’s Training for Life Campus fundraising campaign. “Mom, I want to give some money for Special Olympics that’ll be good for me and my friends,” Beth told her mother. “And it’ll be good for the little ones, too.”

“Beth has a real understanding of the importance of Special Olympics in her life,” explains Linda. “She knows that the Training for Life Campus is just for them.”

Linda believes that Linda and her fellow SOMO athletes recognize that the Campus means they’re important. “They think the fact that somebody’s willing to do this for them shows that they’re really important,” Linda says. “They’re important enough to have their own place.”

This generosity certainly isn’t lost on Beth and her fellow athletes. Beth approached a group of donors at a recent SOMO event to acknowledge their help. “She’s quick to tell them ‘thank you so much for all you do for us,’” Linda relates.

“When I look at what Special Olympics has done for Beth and our family, I wish that more athletes could enjoy the benefits of this program,” Linda says. “The health benefits of training are something all athletes need. Beth had a serious heart issue, and the doctors said that if she hadn’t been training, she may not have come back from it.” According to Linda, for a lot of athletes, SOMO is their support system. “The Training for Life Campus truly will be a place for them to get the support they need,” she says. “It will continue the ways they grow.”

“Though they each have their challenges,” Linda explains, “these athletes have a greater understanding of the Campus than we give them credit for.” Beth Brokamp’s gift is certainly proof of that.

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